Welcome to PointAnybeam.

Two decades has passed since SDL-3000, our first commercial product has been released with Samsung logo on it.

In the meantime, we have accumulated various core technologies in laser physics and the Anybeam™ series, our flagship product line and the winner of the Hi Seoul excellent products awards as an innovative brand, was released based on these technological achievements.

Our laser technology has evolved further as we successfully performed numorous national projects and registered lots of intellectual property rights.

We are competing now with our foremost competitors side by side thanks to the great strides we have made and will be leading not only in dental lasers, but also medical & industrial lasers.

And we are expected to achieve full-fledged growth by a large scale B2B cooperation including OEM supply to domestic and foreign companies in addition to the conventional cumsumer products sales.

We are deeply grateful to our customers for all of our achievements and developments.

Our elite personnel are committed to making the world's best products and providing a quality service to clients, and will continue to do our utmost to realize our corporate vision, offering products and services through constant evolution.

The President & CEO      Joa-Rak Chung