External type OEM Laser

▲ External type OEM Laser
& Handpiece(Laser Resonator)
Potential applications

      Dental/Medical Lasers, Llaser driver for medical/cosmetic liquid injection systems

▶ Laser
▼ Specifications
2940nm 1064nm 1320nm 1440nm
● Max. Avg. Power(W) 10 20 - -
● Max. Pulse Energy(mJ/pulse)(<1msec) 1.5 2 - -
● Resonator Integrated in the handpiece which is modular
and detachable from the main body
You may attach or detach the laser resonator
(21Φ x 100mm) with wavelength of your choice
● Beam Delivery Direct radiation from the external resonator
which is combined with the handpiece
● Required Cooling Capacity >3L/min
● Aiming Beam Optional

※ The external view and/or specifications of the above products are subject to change without prior notice to improve quality.