Slimlift™ MPX 1440

This revolutionary treatment modality uses short pulses of a highly concentrated light beam delivered to the treatment site through a flexible optic fiber.(1064nm, 1440nm, and 1064/1440 MPX(Multiplex) mode available)

▲ Slimlift™ MPX 1440

Items Specifications
Laser Type Pulsed Nd:YAG
Wavelength/h04> ●1064nm
Power ●1064nm; 10W(max)
●1440nm; 5W(max)
Pulse Repetition Rate ●1064nm; 1 ~ 50Hz
●1440nm; 1 ~ 50Hz
☞ 5Hz increment
Beam Delivery Optic Fiber
Handpiece Contact/Non-Contact
Aiming Beam Red Diode Laser
AC Power 220~230VAC 50/60Hz
100~110VAC 50/60Hz(optional)
● Dimension : 268mm x 553.5mm x 862mm(WDH)
● Weight : 50kg(110lbs.)
Expendable Items
Items Specifications
Nd:YAG Optic Fiber - Ø200 Ø200㎛
Nd:YAG Optic Fiber - Ø300 Ø300㎛
Nd:YAG Optic Fiber - Ø400 Ø400㎛
Nd:YAG Handpiece -
Nd:YAG Handpiece needle -
Stripper(Nd:YAG Optic Fiber) -
Diamond Cutter(Nd:YAG Optic Fiber) -
Safety Goggles - Type 1(Glass type) -

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